Walnut stuffed dates are ready for tomorrow's run. What are some of your favorite natural running fuel?

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made some chia energy bars....Wonder if this would be a pre run or during run fuel?

dates, chi, cocoa, vanilla, raw almonds, 60% cocoa choc chips.

Honey and cane molasses, bananas. Oat flakes little before, they need some time to diggest.

Definatly Chia in the form of iskiate and asian pears and apples and i try to stop the gummy bears but they work very well!!!!

I'm in on cheese, and also nuts. Rich proteins seems to last longer (and they're compact). When I get home, all I crave is about a pint of milk.

Sounds delicious Eric. Do you mind sharing how you make them? Is it as simple as it sounds? :)

This might sound funny but before long morning runs, I eat banana, peach, mango and chia seed baby food. It hits my system pretty quick. This is the brand I like:


I frequently will do a banana/rasp/blueberry/chia shake before long runs - with nuts.  Before short runs, milled chia mixed with VerdeGo - this rocks and having all these nutrients helps my breathing so much.

Hey Eric-

What is VerdeGo? I googled it and get links to a garden center and a wind power blog. 

Eric must have spilled the beans here by referencing VerdeGo before the product launched. It all became crystal clear 2 weeks after this post.

Side note: Does anyone know if there is an ingredient list posted? I have some food allergies and didn't see the info on the product detail page.

just seeing who is paying attention.  GREAT catch on ingredient list.  Still flushing out website before be media launch and will get it on there AND to you.  Thanks for the pointer.

Thanks Eric. I've tried Vega sport but I'm always looking at options.


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