Walnut stuffed dates are ready for tomorrow's run. What are some of your favorite natural running fuel?

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I find myself getting away from the expensive science-foods.

General: Granola, bananas, peanut butter, cranberries

Cold or lower-effort: Cheese, salami, nuts, wild-game jerky

You're the king at this.  What one thing will you not go without for your winter race?

One thing?  Hmmmm.  Cheese would take the top spot, just edging out salami.  Once I get my furnace going, they fuel it for a long time.  I run warmer nibbling fats and protein.

Honey, blackstrap molasses, chia seeds and water.

seconding honey! i just got a crate of stinge original.  ((although i'm tempted to run fueled with pure cranberry juice, like Bernd Heinrich))

How and in what proportions have you used this mixture?

dates. i love dates.

perfect running fuel

Almond butter, coconut water (works wonders in the tropics).

No food, I prefer to run in a fasting state!

I take Chia seeds with water & take a tbs of blackstrap molasses just before my long runs, Chia during but I do want to try more cause I feel hungry sometimes on my runs. Maybe I will try dates next time.

+1 on honey.  Although it gets kinda thick here in the winter.


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