Team..I don't have a lot of trails to run on where I live so I am stuck on roads :( I would like to try and find a minimalist pair of sneakers. Any suggestions? 

Would love to hear your feedback

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I have noticed no permanent change in size!  Lol.  But YMMV, of course. 

Yeah, you might be really swollen right now. I iced like a fiend when I transitioned. Seriously, a big bucket of ice water up to my knees after every run. I dreaded that more than my runs!

I promise it gets better.

I started as Eric's advice in a half marathon trainning plan with 10 min run with vibram ones twice a week. Then 15 min and so on. On week 12 I'm able to run 30 to 40 min with no pain at all. I think you should let your calves get back to normal and start it all over again little by little...

I've worked on transition now for about 4 month and I've not experienced any calf pain or discomfort.  I've logged 90 miles since mid February and I think I can say I've successfully transitioned.  And it feels great!!!

I think the key for me was Eric's running in place drill.  Check out my 'Waking Up My Feet' post.  Barefoot running in place followed by running in place with shoes helped me feel it.  And I think feeling it is the key.

I'd really say my feet are stronger after this 4 months and that's not my calves.  I don't feel my calves at all during or after my runs.  Eric seems to tell folks to let their heel touch down when they experience calf pain.  I visualize maintaining my ankle angle and not point the toes (see the Run Form: Foot Strike video).

Take your time and hang in there.

Good luck!!!



You did way too much in those shoes and I think Eric would agree.  You need to start out with 10-15 min once or twice a week and work your way up.  When I was doing the 8 week program I used my Nike Frees on foot strengthening days and my regular shoes on the rest of the days.  When I graduated to the marathon plan I added the Nike Frees to one workout a week to start (usually on hill workouts) and then after awhile another workout etc.  Next thing you know you will be running in them full time.  Concentrate on getting better and then go from there.  Good luck!!!!!

hey barbara,

what richard said...and i would go with eric's suggestions he puts in a lot of his online programs, to start out with 10-15 minutes at a time on soft terrain or a grass field (eric suggests once a week in most of his programs).  vibram puts out a little pamphlet with their five fingers shoes that has their recommended foot strengthening exercises, that are basically...heel raises, toe raises, dorsiflexion, plantarflexion, eversion, inversion, and towel grabbing with your toes.

i use the nike free 5.0 for regular running, and my new balance minimus trail shoes for foot strengthening (i haven't transitioned to minimalist shoes yet...the nikes do have a heel).

the calves are what take the brunt of the soreness when you start out running too much in minimalist shoes. without the heel, you pretty much are forced to mid-foot strike, which a lot of work for your calves...maybe similar in effect to running up hills for a long period of time when you aren't used to it.  i have always liked erics idea that the more your wear a minimalist shoe, the more a regular shoe will feel odd.  also, it is good to think of the minimalist shoe at first as a foot strengthener in and of itself.



Hi Barbara - hold tight, mine are coming soon.  But lots of great suggestions here.

Hey Eric...I'm definitely holding tight but one question I have is...should i put my asic kayano's back on and keep my mileage up and pick a few days to use those minimalist shoes I have unitl yours come out? I wasnt sure if i put my old shoes back on I'd mess up this new form I'm trying to learn??? Any advice..GREATLY APPRECIATED! :)

I would do a combo of running in minimal shoes for form, strength work and then use your Kayano's for longer runs.  Once your feet get strong enough, your Kayanos will not feel very good and you can probably go full time in less of a shoe based on your distance. 

That's the best news I've heard all day. I was begining to wonder if it was legal to sell barely used running you've seen I've got quite the least now I know I can use them some more until my feet "out strengthen" my shoes... :)


BTW...what's the ETA on those super sneaks you're creating? was there a blog somewhere that spoke more about what you're creating? I only found the video???

Added another pair of transition shoes to my arsenal... Brooks pure cadence... WOW... 4mm drop ... A little more cushion than my saucony kinvaras but am logging some serious mileage in them... Working out great!!


Good advice in this thread.  I've been in minimalist shoes for 3 years now.  The one thing that is true for 99% of the population is that you need to TRANSITION to minimalist footwear whether it is for running, casual, all day.    What varies significantly among the 9% is HOW to transistion.  Lots of ways, lots of different success stories.   A shoe that's great for me may be terrible for you at any time, or maybe just at this time of your transition. 

"Listen to your body" is my #2 advice, which you seem to be doing.   My #1 advice is to get straight in your own head a common, natural conflict in this issue:  Do I want to prioritize a change of my running form* or do I want to prioritize maintainng my trainng program? 

*minimalist shoe change is to support a running form change, one does not (healthily) change ones form to support a new shoe - girls change their form to support walking on 3" stilettos as an example of unhealthy form change to support a shoe

Best of luck to you!


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