I have been running in minimalist shoes since New Balance dropped the MT-100's prototype model around 2010ish. I was living in the city then and wasnt running long miles. Since then I moved to the desert and have been running consistently 20-30+ mile weeks on the local sandy trails for about 4-5 years. Ive gone through a couple pairs of minimal models of New Balance, Merrels and have been running sub 7 milers in Xeros shoes since last fall and longer runs in Altras and a half marathon in Salomon Sense Rides. Things started to get painful on the 3rd/4th metatarsal top of foot after a 55 mile week in May, so I stayed off it for a month, saw a foot doc, he gave me 2 sessions of antiflammatory injections and after a couple more weeks I felt good to start running 5-6 milers again.

Then after a couple weeks of easy 5-6 milers, with about 850 elevation gain I started waking up with really bad pain on the top of the left foot again. First I thought it was the same pain I was feeling after the foot doc injected me, it was sore after that for a few days. The pain now is similar if I do not have a tiva sandal on (not flip flop, those hurt to walk in). Ive stopped running again, been icing and doing lots of woo woo magic oils and such to try and get back to speed. 

Obviously, I need to take more time off from running to let it heal, I dont think I can even cycle with this. I have seen Eric's great foot strength videos, and once I have no pain I will start with those.

My question though is, should I go with a less minimal shoe, more stack height, zero drop and wide foot bed still? Would appreciate and tips or success or horror stories.

Cheers all, run strong (if you can) ;)

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Hi Martin - great post and sorry to hear about your foot. And even more sorry to hear the Dr was so quick with a needle. What you describe is very similar to stress fracture symptoms. OR, bursitis, which can  be very fickle. Google bursitis.

From my experience, issues in the foot like this do require time off.  And if it is a stress fracture, this usually comes from doing "something" too much or an acute incident.  But if you are running a lot of rocky terrain or with stones, it is also possible you just dont have enough protection and this is causing the "too much".

Just hard to say, especially since you are infusing the Altras and Salomon, which are good protection and have a lot of experience in a variety of shoes (a good thing).

It is quite possible that this came on from ONE acute occurrence, like stepping on a small rock with the Xeros and this caused the problem versus a chronic overuse type of thing.

Regardless, I would listen to your body and look to take more time off. This is something I would not rush.  And then when you feel good, maybe start back in the Altras to give it more protect as you build your miles back up.

Hope this helps and hang in there.

Howdy Eric, thanks for the response, yes sounds like it could be bursitis, definitely taking time off of running (reluctantly) but working on strengthening and stretches and rehab. Will probably need some Altras with some stack height, will miss the Xeros but they might have just been too minimal for these sandy trails.

Hopefully back soon, non-elite races starting to begin in the fall, would like to be ready.

Thanks, have a great week, appreciate your videos and coaching online!

I also just received the new Inov8 TerraUltra G 270. This is a zero drop but with a really nice midsole for a plush "low" to the ground feel.

I will be doing a full video review soon, but might be a great option where you dont have to go as high as Altra in stack height.

Yes I saw Seth Demoor's review of the G270s, they do looks like a great all around shoe, about $50 more than I had budgeted, but probably worth it. Will look for your review. Thanks for the suggestion.


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