Hey Eric-

Couple questions about your marathon training plan.

1. How many HOURS a week at the most would I need to invest based on your plan? Can't tell from the description.

2. I'm already putting in over 40 miles per week and feel really strong and healthy. Should I start at week one or can I jump in on a later week? 


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I used the marathon training to prepare for several 50K races. The weeks range from about 4 hrs. on an easy week to 8-10 hours as you build toward your goal race. One thing I noticed is that some weeks have a long run on the weekend that is listed by distance and not time. On those weeks, it looks like there is less time required but it actually ends up to be more time. (on trails, a 20 mile run may take 4-5 hours depending on terrain)

The cool thing about the training program is that you can set it to start at a particular date, or to end on the date of your goal race. If you choose to end at a particular date, it will start you at the adjusted day of the program, two, four, or six weeks in, depending on the end date. Hope that helps some.

Yes, that does help. I've used Eric's half-marathon plan twice now but wanted to get a sense of the time commitment for his marathon plan.

I'm currently putting in around 7-7.5 hours a week and it feels manageable. Happy to know that I won't have to bump that up too much using the plan to get prepared for a marathon. Thanks for the info!


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