I have adjusted my form recently and my calves ache a lot still. I'm doing the strength training and also adding an Aqua Zumba and swim session into my training. This helps with my calf ache. My query is, should I forget the new form until after I have done the marathon? I run this on April 26th. Or should I persist with it? I'm worried that my calves won't take 26.2 miles!

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Are you still letting your heels come down when you run?
Melanieb, look into Self Myofascial Release(SMR). It's a way to get into the connective tissue to help reduce tension of joints. Focus on the peroneals, the soleus, and of course the gastrocs!

If it makes you feel any better my calves are terrible at the moment and I'm running at London too. Anything over about 14 miles and I'm having problems, then the next time I run they've not recovered. I think on the day the adrenaline and atmosphere will keep you going. 

Hi Melanie given your post was nearly a month ago, how are your calves & how is your training going. Have you transitioned to zero drop shoes, are you allowing your heals to land on the ground (as Lori asked) are you running a lot of hills, are you taking any planned days off? All of these will influence how your body responds. I don't want to make this about me but I've just had 31/2 weeks off & my next event is a week after yours because my body was telling me to have a break, I had lost my running mojo & now it's back. As Eric says "Don't confuse difficulty with Failure"
Keep us posted on your progress

Hi Melanieb, Please tell us how you did!  Were you doing one of Eric's plans?  I had a friend who started training for a half marathon this January, and kept straining her IT Band...she started running comfortably 4-5 miles three times a week, but when she wasn't running with me on weekends, she would pop up to 10 miles.  Even though she was foam rolling every day, she still wound up having IT Band pain.  It subsided enough so that she was able to run the half, and ended up with such IT Band pain at the end that she wound up not being able to run for a couple of months...she is just starting back.  Muscles fatigue the longer you run past your limit, until running in a compromised state leads to injury, because you are repetitively stressing the muscles in a fatigued state, which isn't' like running with muscles at the beginning of a run.


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