I have read the book quickly and ordered the slant and balance board and look really forward to start training the strength of my feet and start running in a more efficient way.

While working on the transition I wonder if its a good idea to still do long runs with my old running style and old cushioned shoes (I have been heal striking quite a lot) but managed to avoid injuries? 

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I would defer to Eric, but I believe he would tell you to try and transition slowly when changing from cushioned shoes to zero drop minimalist shoes. (He has a specific plan for transitioning they footwear. I believe the general guideline would be to use your old shoes on the longer runs and the minimalist shoes on shorter runs gradually building up the days/week you use the new shoes as well as the distance.)

I didn't think transition time is needed for adjusting to proper form. The long runs are slow paced zone 2 runs. These should be slow runs-probably much slower than you are used to and feel very easy for you. The fact that they are so slow and easy should allow you to focus in on your form. Rather than focusing on all 5 run components at once, you may want to break it down... Either do a whole run focusing on a particular piece of running form or break it up into segments. (E.g. For 2 minutes focus on knee drive. For 2 minutes focus on foot strike, etc.)


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