So yesterday was the London Marathon which is the reason I started the Cool Impossible training. I finished but not in as good a time as I had hoped but here are my thoughts for what it's worth...

I did the same marathon in 2011 with a damaged achilles and very little training, in a time of 06:08:09. I had dosed up on paracetamol and neurofen (under my physio's advice).

This time I did it in 05:59:27, not much faster but 4 years older, at age 44.

My Cool Impossible was to run all the way which I mostly did, I think I first walked around miles 16-17. The reason I walked was pain in my hips and knees. I recognise this is partly posture/gait but didn't realise it might just be muscle tightness. Once I'd worked out it hurt less to run than to walk (or starting running again from a walk) I picked up the pace and flew the last 6 or 7 miles.

My heart rate was fairly low, zone 4-5. Much lower than last time anyway. So fitness wasn't really an issue.

Throughout the training I've had a lot of tightness in my calves, around the sides, and some in my ITB. Plus I think my core strength isn't good enough. The main thing is that I think I expected too much of my body to change its physiology drastically in 6 months. 

Today my knees are incredibly sore, my feet are blistered, but there's almost no aching apart from my lower back.

But overall, I ran for 26.2 miles, my heart rate was fine, I ran faster than I did during my long runs in training and I finished!!! Plus I was overtaking people a lot younger than me at the end. The next marathon is in York in October, my body is getting there and I will be faster and I will run all the way.

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This is amazing ! What is great is that you are taking this as a learning experience to prepare the future !

I ran my first semi-marathon 3 weeks ago and felt also the lack of core strength, especially after 15Km. Since then, I've started training again and, when I compare my training runs with what I achieved during that race, I'm amazed in retrospect ! Now I'm really focusing on strength (fitball+slant board).

Kathy, congratulations on your achievement. What you have achieved is so far outside most people's comprehension of what is achievable, what can be done that you can be truly proud of yourself. The fact your planning your next run shows you see your self as a runner. Remember, Awareness = Athleticism.
Onwards & Upwards

Thank you for your support.

I agree Carolynn, that it is a learning experience. When I first read CI I didn't understand a lot of it. Now I understand more, a lot through experience and some from understanding it a bit at a time rather than trying to understand all at once. It's great that you can look back and see how much you achieved in your race. I find it a great motivator to look for what I can improve and work on that. Keep it up!

Thanks Robert. You're absolutely right, most people can't comprehend running 26 miles. To be honest I struggled at mile 16! I am a runner, I love the training runs, the distance runs less so while I'm so slow but it wasn't meant to be easy and I expected miracles! Now I'm focusing on my weaknesses and getting stronger overall.

Kathy Running is many things one of them is a journey of discovery, your journey of discovery, it's all about you & your path. This path is different for us all but it does have one common element. If you run with an open heart, being open to the simple joy of putting one foot in front of the other ........ Magic Happens


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