I've learn quite a lot from reading the Cool Impossible and have been trying to incorporate as much as I can into my running and following the program. After watching video of my most recent marathon, I know I need another set of eyes to keep my form on track. Traveling to Jackson Hole is not an option at the moment.

Can anyone provide suggestions for finding a local coach who believes in the Cool Impossible way?

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Hey Jeff - have someone record a video of you running left to right, right to left and various speeds and post it on here.  We can give a look and some insight.  But keep in mind that the most important thing is to keep doing the drills and strength to develop the muscle memory so you can begin to "feel" good form.

Thanks Coach - I will definitely take you and the group up on that offer.  Whether for personal use or group opinion, I believe video is a good test for feel.  I am doing the drills and strength exercises and believe I am heading in the right direction.  The short video I saw from the end of 26.2 tells me I need to keep working.  It's definitely a process and not a quick change - but please know that your book has changed my running life and reinforced ideas and directions I was trying to work out on my own.

Having considered your response carefully, I'm in agreement that, instead of concentrating on form deficit, I need to continue with my drills and exercises and let my form continue to develop naturally.  I will, however, have friends and/or family film me every now and again for progress self-assessment.

I've attached my crossing the finish line at the Cleveland Marathon this year (red shirt) for anyone who is interested.



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