I have been plagued by bilateral lower leg injuries in the past 4 years...gastroc strain, soleus tear (twice), posterior tib tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, and a cartilagenous fracture of the talus that required surgery -- not back to running yet. I plan on working the strength training exercises of book once I'm up to full use of that ankle before running.

I'm wondering if my biomechanics are causing these injuries. I run in Altra zero drop shoes & wear NB minimus for daily use, so I don't think it's my footwear. I have scoliosis and run with a marked lean to the left in my upper body. It's nothing I can change as it's the curvature of my spine. One shoulder is considerably higher. I've had my gait analyszed and it doesn't appear that I am asymmetrical in the feet so I'm guessing my legs are taking the strain of the strain of the imbalance. My upper body doesn't look in line with my lower when I'm running.

Any thoughts on how I can help correct this in my form? I'm really sick of getting injured because I love to run. I just want to be able to run as often & as long as I like without constantly getting hurt.




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