Hey y'all,

So I began about 3 weeks or so ago to transition away from a heel strike to a forefoot strike like Eric says in his book. I have tried this before without any information and it went well for several months typically until I started to hurt. This time, things are going well. Right now, I am trying to get back into running after an injury/move/kid being born, so my endurance is quite low. I'm doing the strength training (more the foot stuff, but I'll start more regular core soon too) and I feel like I'm having some success in learning the new form. 

Right now, I am trying to get the hang of the 3rd and 4th steps in the running sequence (knee drive & Takeoff). In the book, it says cadence should remain the same regardless of speed. The way to go faster is to drive your knee and steepen your stance leg. So, now we come to my question: is there a too slow? Is it possible to have good form even when moving quite slowly?

I am asking because, as I try to work on form, I find myself speeding up and then going too fast to "breathe out of my nose" like Eric suggests as a test of speed when in the Performance stage. But, when I slow down (meaning reduce the distance of my knee drive if I understand it correctly) to the speed where I could breathe through my nose, then it feels like my form is slipping or it feels like I'm just "jogging". Does that make sense? Would appreciate any insight y'all have! Thanks!

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makes total sense to me and I feel like I"m in the same boat.  My form doesn't feel as good at a breath through my nose pace and as soon as I try to use the recommended cadence, My HR shoots up beyond my Z2.


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