Hello, I've only done the first two days so far of the Execution phase, but I'm enjoying this new way of training already. My question relates to when your HR is persistently higher than it should be - should we walk then until it gets back in the desired range, or just persist trying to lower it by running/jogging slower? For example, if I am on an uphill incline and my HR is meant to be in zone 2, but it's sitting around 3 or 4 instead, should I walk the hill? Pause altogether? What about if I'm on flat?

Thanks heaps in advance for any advice,


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Hi Corrine,

I'm hoping Eric eventually chimes in, but if my heart rate goes into a higher zone, I'll normally slow down enough to bring it back into the zone I'll want to be in.  Sometimes I'll just have to slow down to a steady job and that's enough to bring my HR back into the zone I need it to be in.


Hi Corinne,

I asked Eric exactly the same question whether it was ok to walk to get my HR down & he said absolutely. In my experience everything affects our HR from fatigue, the amount of sleep we've had, fuelling, our head space, injuries or sore spots.

It's about patience, practice, perseverance, awareness, it will take time but to me that's the joy, trying to improve, being aware, listening to yourself and your body, experimenting with new things and most of all having fun.

Keep us posted on how your going.



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