how to run at a low heartrate and with fast cadence

I've been through the book, have been working on the slant and stability disk exercises.  Those are fairly easy for me.  I have been running for a few years off and on and am excited to go through this program.  But I'm struggling in staying in zone 2 (or 3 or 4) for that matter with a cadence of 176-185.  If I dial back the cadence, I can do it, but I haven't figured out how to have a quick cadence and keep my heartrate down.  I am trying to keep my cadence up through knee drive instead of pushing back, but fast knee drives, even with really small knee drives that barely come up, still drive my heartrate up past zone 2, and that is on flat terrain.  I can't begin to stay in zone 2 on hills.  I welcome your suggestions.


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I do it by getting a feeling for jogging on the spot, then moving that forward, knee movement feels very small, when picking up the pace the knee drives more and the heel comes up more. HR always take a good ten minutes to settle. Still feels very weird jogging like this, almost feel a little silly - hoping as I get used to it more I'll be able speed up a bit and keep the HR steady.

Hi Brent,

I think it is just while you get used to it, I followed Eric suggestion and spend 2 months running 4 times a week 30min. In those 2 months I didn't pay that much attention to HR but to running technique including cadence. After those 2 months Istarted the training plan and at first I had to run at about 8.5 km/h to stay in zone 2 with 180bpm cadence, it was difficult to run so slow with that cadence. After some weeks in the training plan I can run at about 10 km/h and stay in zone 2, and it really feels natural now.

I use help from some music at first to be able to stay at 180bpm. 



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