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I understand that one should aim for about 180 foot strikes per minute when running, but is this at all running speeds?  How are you supposed to speed up and slow down without changing the length of your stride or changing your cadence?  Thanks.

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Although the will be some natural variation in cadence and stride length at the extremes (jogging and sprinting), you will find that the most efficient runners stay pretty consistent regardless of effort. Many people assume that running fast is about pushing off of the ground with more force. However, running (when using good form) is more like a controlled fall. It's really more about your bodies position throughout the movement and a coordinated relationship between your nervous system and muscle fibers to support forward motion through the use of gravity. When using good form, you begin to lean forward (not at the hips), increase you knee drive, and swing your arms farther back and forth, as you speed up. Your body covers a greater distance over a shorter period of time due to the increased effort being committed to maintaining a the sequence of poses and fluidity of form that keep you from falling on you face.

Although there are lots of ways to conceptualize this, the POSE method makes the most sense to me. Google it if you want a better understanding of how this works.

i am struggling with the same thing.  i had my gait analyzed by my pt who is incorporating changing my running style to minimalist while i am rehabbing.  when i go faster my gait and functionality improves with 180 fspm and heel kicks, which is where she wants me so i don't strain achiles or pf with a random heel strike, but at that pace I can only go about 2 miles and my hrpm is about 177-182 that whole time, which is high for me.  speaks nothing about being out of breath puffing that whole time.  when i slow up and am in the knee drive mode after a few blocks if feels like my calf is working too hard and it ends up being a lot of physical work using restraint.  not sure if that is the "baby steps" or if its just all falling apart.  can't wait for the day to run and have nothing hurt.  : ) 
I've been going with thumbs for about 4 years now, it took about a year or two for my cadence to be pretty consistent 22-23 right foot strikes per 15 seconds across all speeds. The key is patience. Work on it a little at every pace, uphills and downhiils, but don't ficus on it the WHOLE run.It takes time...a lot longer than you would think, work on it but don't force it for entire runs, eventually, slowly you will slip more and more into it until it becomes natural. Now I spot check every now and then on different runs. My cadence will sometimes go to 24 at an all out 400 meter or descending really steep rocky terrain.
Going at "this" not "thumbs", ha! My typing is all thumbs!

Yeah. I was wondering what thumbs was. LOL. I thought maybe some special training technique.


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