Coming out of a period of ITBS, I recovered while doing Eric's core strength and stability exercises. I could feel how my muscle balance during runs shifted from quad dominance (and a bit of a butt-out posture) to utilising the glutes and calves more. I also did hip flexor / TFL stretches to ease tension on the ITB. All went well...

Until I sat for a long time again (10 hour drive), after which my right hip (TFL, I guess) got tight again and cause ITBS symptoms to return. It went away after a few days, and returned after another long-ish stretch of sitting.

Here's the question. Are the strengthening exercises supposed to make one less prone to undesired muscle tightness? Or is muscle tightness something that one will need to address before each run? I can't cut out the sitting, as I unfortunately do have an office job.

Any inputs welcome!

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