Hi All,

I am lucky to have a selection of hills close to my house (on the road) that would be good for hill intervals.

What would be a good gradient to choose??

I have done 2 min intervals from the Cool Impossible plan on a 7% gradient hill. I am looking at a 8% gradient hill for the 60 sec intervals.

Any one find a hill steepness sweet spot?

Thanks so much


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Great question Ben. In general, the shorter, faster the intervals, the steeper you can go with your hill. The idea around short and fast is to general power and force, so the steep the better - up to about ~10%.

If you are doing longer intervals, 3+ min, I would not go above 6% - unless your race has a lot of steep grades. But once you get above 8% for longer intervals, the running needs to be relatively easy and steady - more for endurance.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Eric, very useful advice.

After my experiment with running a steeper hill for the shorter time i felt like it was a good choice. I am lucky to have the choice in hills.

Thanks for the great book. It really has so much great things in it.


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