Hello everybody !

I did twiche the two phase program from the cool impossible book and I have been using the book's heart rate zone and I have seen great progress !  My 5k went from 23min to 20min in one year without training specifiquely for that distance (I am training for obstacle races).

I would now like to design my self a more specific plan for my upcoming obstacle races and would like to know wich heart rate zone and speed zone are good for what type of run; exemple : which hr zone and speed zone from the book would be a tempo run, wich one would be for 400m repeat and 800m repeat, if anyone can help me with that.

I was wondering too, is it normal that when I do a run in zone 2, that after about 30minutes in, my speed must be slower in order to keep my same heart rate zone.  Exemple, after  a 5-min warm-up in zone 1, I run at a apce of +-4min50/km for zone 2 and after about 30min, I must run +- 5min15-20/km to stay in zone 2.

Sorry for my english, I am french, I hope I didnt gave you too much trouble to understand me.

Thank you  !

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The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton

The Cool Impossible: Run Beyond Limits

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