I do about more than half of my training on a treadmill. It is not always fun, but it keeps me motivated for quality outdoor runs when I get the chance. I wear a heart rate monitor to make sure my pace is slow enough. I was wondering if heart rate is more important than pace. While training I start out with a low HR but it start to creap up as I maintain my pace. Should I be starting out slower to maintain pace or ajust pace to maintain HR?

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Hi Paul - great question. First off, your HR will creep higher at the same pace when indoors. This is due to being indoors and not be able to cool off as efficiently as outdoors. If you are running for long periods of time indoors, you will also experience more dehydration than outdoors, due to overheating, which will also elevate your HR at the same level of effort.
You ask is HR more important the pace. Well, that is hard to answer. As a coach, what I feel is most important is for you to have a purpose for every run. And this purpose should always reflect your goals. Secondly, you need to understand effort and what effort, pace or HR is appropriate for you and your goals. I use pace quite a bit for my runners you have very high race goal expectations and who are interested in going to the track or running on the treadmill. With GPS systems, this becomes even easier to do. I also use HR when I want to effect or train a specific energy system, such as a threshold run. This way I am certain to be hitting the appropriate HR zone for the runner so they do not over or under train.
The same applies to pace. You need to understand what pace is appropriate to you to again reach your goals.

So...you got a coaches answer...but hopefully this helps - E
Thanks for the answer. I have been tweeking my pace in the last week to find a pace/HR marriage on the treadmill. I have a habit of running to fast on recovery runs.
The goal right now is endurance and strength building. Thanks to reading 'Born to run' and watching Chris on 'The Daily Show' I have been reinspired to run a marathon again and maybe more. It touches on a lot of what I was thinking through the past six yrs. I bonked on a marathon at 21ish miles and gutted out the last four with walk/ run. ITB was killing me during training. Didn't run for a while after that. When I did start to run again I started working on enjoying running slower and fixing my stride. It takes awhile, but I'm getting there.
Tweeking of the pace is between 6.7 to 6.3 mph, so minimal distance in an hour. Was able to keep pace and HR to 120bpm at 6.3 mph. I am now a beleiver in the tempo hills and interval max workouts. I used to do these in track practice without knowing why we did them. Did some 1/2 mile interval hill climb ladders on the treadmill. Was waiting to fall off at 10% to 15% @ 5mph, but I guess I am stronger than I thought.....and am no longer afraid of 160 bpm!
Thanks again.


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