Ok, so I'm looking for a good heart rate monitor.  I've checked out the ones that Eric recommends for his training plans and I like them a lot.  I am still looking around on the market, however...anyone have any suggestions?  I currently don't use any computers or any form of technology aside from a stopwatch. 

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Wow.  Thanks for all of the awesome suggestions!  I got a cheap-y one from a friend that I have been messing with but it's not very reliable (you get what you pay for I think (c: ).  That being said, it has been a great way for me to figure out if I am ready or interested in training with a HR monitor.  The answer: yes and it didn't cost me 300 bucks to find out for sure.  So, good!

I agree with the dcrainmaker site--his review of the Garmin Forerunner 10 that I have is AMAZING.  And the Fenix looks equally awesome.

Currently, I'm leaning towards a 310 if I can get the money together. 

Thanks for all the awesome conversation and suggestions.  Keep them coming!

I would get a Garmin in a heartbeat (pun intended) if I could afford one. I use a 40 dollar Timex chest strap/watch combo which pretty much just keeps time and provides live HR. The chest sensor will communicate with treadmills too, which is nice when I have to use the dreaded machine. Post run data includes time, average HR, and high HR. It has no GPS and does not provide all of the fancy data the pricier gear offers, but it does the trick. I am hoping the price comes down on the fancier models in the future. I would love to have one, just not for 300 bucks plus.

Yeah--I hear that on the pricing.  I am saving up for a good one--I'm looking at some Polars and some Garmins.  I am leaning towards one of the Garmins right now.  So many options though hehe.  I have a crappy HR monitor at the moment that doesn't give me a very consistent reading so I don't really know where I stand with it.  I look forward to getting a good one.  Thanks for the reply!

I love

I also recommend Garmin. I've been using garmin for almost 3 years now. Good technology, can find relatively good pricing and basic watch models and their repair/replacement/service is very good. Whenever I've had an issue I can speak with a real human very quickly when I call the help number and if we don't figure out a problem quickly they replace things without question and send it out within a few days. 

I like the Garmin...If you are looking for multisport then the 310XT or 910XT have heart rate monitor capabilities and are great!  I currently have been using the 310XT for the past 3-4 years.  Love all the features only downside is that it is bulky.  It goes for around $250 but may be able to find less expensive.  If I were to replace it now I would go with the 910XT.  Price tag is a little higher at $399 but they last a long time.  The 910XT is slimmer which I think would be way more comfortable.  That's my 2 cents...


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