Morning all,

Do any of you have any interesting exercises for hamstring strength.  I'd posted some questions earlier about inner knee pain, which eric and a few others kindly answered.  

Since then I've been learning the pose method and my instructor has pointed out that at about 8.20 pace per mile I maintain my form well.  This is reflected in my experience as I suffered no knee pain for the first 4months of moving to minimalist footwear and running with a mid foot landing in my mind. 

However as I've got fitter and started to run faster I've started to experience knee pain again, my instructor noted that my good form disappears as I creep my speed up.   He mentioned this is most likely due to my hamstring not effectively controlling how my lower leg trails.  I.e. I have a muscle imbalance with the quad's taking over, and I've got to get my muscles firing correctly.

So essentially I'm doing my second rebuild of form for the year! ha, though if it keeps me running into old age it's a small price to pay.

My Question!

I've been told to do some snatches (i.e. power lifting style) at low reps but with good form and some weight.

I've also been told to squat correctly and obviously if I'm particularly aware of my form I'll get better.

Does anyone else have any exercises that could redress muscle weakness and communication issue that I can do to supplement my regime?

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Super hamstring workout while also keeping core engaged (unlike on a hamstring machine at the gym). You will definitely feel the burn.

This looks great! Thanks for the tip!

Stay patient Paul - have a new strength training system coming.  Stay tuned.  But keep in mind that strength is all about creating muscle equilibrium - so watch how much squatting you do, loaded squats.  You want to train your muscles to fire quickly, and this is hard to do moving lots of weight, slowly.

fired up to see the new strength system. Your older ones (got them from a men's health article) have been really helpful; I haven't had an injury since I began doing them.

Ha great thanks Eric,


My instructor mentioned I should be doing explosive work,  however, and this may be because I'm tall rather than the typical olympic lifter build, my gym appear hesitant to teach me the snatch.... They are also a little lazy...

So I'm trying things like one legged box jumps, guessing that this is more explosive than a squat...



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