Recently on my runs I have been having a weird issue with my hamstrings on my left leg.


A while back I had what I think was an overuse injury to my left hamstring. Basically trying to add speed with too much of an increase in distance. I did the normal RICE and the pain went away.


Recently I started having what I would consider fatigue and a lot of tightness in that same hamstring after my runs. I have cut back the intensity of my runs quite a bit since my injury and have been focusing mainly on building mileage. 

During my runs I experience a good amount of tightness right behind my knee and running up the back of my leg. In the day or so following a run there is a lot of fatigue and tightness in my left hamstring, where my right hamstring feels normal and is rarely sore. I wouldn't call it pain, but wouldn't consider it normal (right leg being normal with no fatigue or tightness).


I am a mid/forefoot striker that runs in what I consider minimalist shoes (Saucony Kinvaras and New Balance MT101s when on trails). I have been running 3 times a week and just this week switch to 4 times a week. I also bike around 10 miles one to two times a week. My weekly runs are usually 3-5 miles with a weekend long run up to 9 miles. I am currently training for a trail 25k in November and am hoping to figure this hamstring debacle out. 


Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or have any suggestions on how to get my left leg back to normal?

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Hi Jonathan, I 've never experienced hamstring Issues this severe but I have had some calf pain. All I did was give my legs some rest for about a week and I was good to go. Eric told me to think less more often. If that helps. Good luck to you. Bobby



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