Hello everyone, 

I have read TCI and have been running with a forefoot strike since April 1st. I went through all the strength training and run form drills for six weeks before i ever went out for a run in my new born2run shoes. I even gave myself six weeks of preparation before i jumped into the 5 month running foundation.  Everything was going great until week 2 of the run foundation and i started to get some pretty bad pain on the top of both of my feet, right on my fourth and fifth metatarsal bones. The pain does slightly decrease the longer i run, but an hour or so later, or when i get out of bed in the morning it hurts pretty bad. i havent missed a run yet but i ice my feet 1-2 times a day. I have never had pain like this before and while i am not new to running I am new to the forefoot strike. i wanted to get away from a heel strike because it was causing me lower back pain, so I feel a forefoot strike is the only way to go for me and i am not turning back now. So Eric if you read this or anyone else out there that can give me any advice on what I may be doing wrong i would greatly appreciate it. 

thanks, Luke B. 

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With your forefoot strike, are you still allowing your heels to cone down?

My heel always goes down when i am running slower, like at HRZ 2, but when i am doing my speed work, (speed zone 4) or higher, i find it hard to let my heel drop. I also have noticed that I run on the outside of my feet. I noticed this when looking at the treadwear on my shoes. Is this a related problem? And what can I do to correct it? All help is appreciated.  Thanks

Hey Luke/Lori,

I'm suffering pretty much exactly the same pain. It started happening about 2 weeks after I transitioned to my zero-drop minimal trainers and started forefoot striking. It only happens in my left foot. I don't know what exactly is causing the pain but I would assume its the way my foot is hitting the ground..? 

I rested it for a couple of weeks but as soon as I came back to running it only took 1 run before the pain came back. I'm starting to think it may be more of a very minor fracture rather than any inflammatory fasciitis.

I too will not be going back to heel striking but any help / comments would  be really appreciated, as it is preventing me from doing any runs longer than about 7M.



Hi Micheal, 

I just read your post and in my case i think i was doing to much to soon in my minimal shoes. I had to find a shoe with a little bit more cushion. So i bought a pair of saucony virrata 2.  They are a neutral, zero drop shoe so you will still be able to forefoot strike, but they provide adequate cushion as you transition to a minimal shoe. Saucony does not make this shoe anymore but you can still get them on e-bay or amazon. The size runs a little small so I had to get a half size bigger than i normally do. I ran in the virratas for a few months and then slowly worked my way back into my minimal shoes and have had no pain since. And like Lori commented above, make sure you are always allowing your heel to come all the way down. This is what worked for me, hope it helps.




I think Luke is spot on.

This really sounds like top of the foot pain.  It's common for folks who transition too quickly to minimalist shoes and forefoot landing.

I had pain in that area of the foot after a few months of running in VFFs.  It was so bad that the arch of my left foot actually collapsed for a day or so.  Thankfully, I didn't develop a metatarsal stress fracture; it just ended up being stretched tendons and muscles in the foot.

If you've always worn cushioned running shoes and always ran with the heel strike, then the muscles in the front portion of your foot are very weak and will need a lot of time to get stronger.

My solution was to slowly transition to running in minimalist shoes, running in them only one day a week and for less than two miles for the first two months.  I then added an extra day of running in minimalist shoes after every month.  Eight months later, I was running in minimalist shoes full time.

However, when I over-do it with the mileage, I feel the ache in the front of my foot and tell myself that I need to back off on the mileage, or switch from my B2R Road shoes to the B2R Trail shoes just for that added thickness in the sole.

And like Luke and Lori mentioned, do make sure that your heel touches the ground.

Thanks guys. I stuck with my trainers but after resting my foot i focused on letting my heel tap the ground and not overly forcing to retain the raised heel post forefoot strike.
I think that did the trick!
That's really helpful. Thanks Luke, ill give it a try!
Hi Luke my transition to zero drop is so far 3 years in the making, & still not quite there yet. I have however transitioned out of my orthotics being now able to use my shoes without them & walk barefoot for extended period. Be patient, keep doing the foot strength exercises & it will come.


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