Five-month program for marathon...Eric writes in TCI more training needed

Hello, in TCI Eric mentions that the five-month program would be fair training for a marathon, but would require a bit more training. Does anyone know what would that be?

I started the five-month program and got a back problem that kept me off the roads for 4 months and have to start all over from zero. Marathon is March 8th, 2020.

Thanks for any feedback on this!

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Great question and I would only change the length of the long run.  Depending on your ability, I would take the long run up to 20 miles in length versus the 3 hours in the program.  The 3 hours might get you there??

All of the other workouts I would keep, as again, this is an excellent marathon program and many have used it to great success.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot for the response, Eric!!!! I'm very excited to complete the program and see where it takes me. 


This is a very useful questions. I am just about done with the TCI program (which is great) and found the following post useful also.

Side point, I see you are from La Paz, you must have some great opportunities for altitude training and hill work :)

Thanks for the post shared, Ben. Will definitely help for future training.

La Paz does offer what you point out, but it's very difficult to find flat terrain for the low HR runs. Read somewhere in the forum that Eric recommended walking vs going over the set HR and found myself walking instead of running more than I would have liked. Oh well!

I'm curious, how often do you do the test to set HRZ and SZ?


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