Hi all, has anybody heard of or suffered from EIR?
I only seem to suffer when I run faster or longer than my norm. I have had it three times in the last 8/9 months so want to try to find any help with it. Obviously I try not to trigger it but I want to progress the running too. Thank you, Sarah

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This the first time I've heard of this, but I may suffer from it as well.  I get it on the weekends when I do my long run.  It usually hits me a few hours after the run.  I don't take any medication for it.  I just let it go away on its own.  It doesn't happen after ever single long run though.  I need to start keeping track of when it happens.

Thanks Jay, At least I'm not alone then.
Yes, I start sneezing & streaming about an hour after the run and it usually lasts anything from 12-48 hours - luckily this time only about 14 hours! But I did take an antihistamine as soon as it started.
I think I may start keeping track a bit more to see any pattern - hopefully it will lessen as my body gets more used to running.
Thanks, Sarah

  I don't know if its the same thing or not.  But my nose runs like a facet whenever I run or ride a bike.  Otherwise totally dry.  I've just have gotten used to the snot flowing. As soon as I stop its pretty much done.

Sounds like it could be. I get excessive sneezing and mild cold symptoms. Had it quite a bit since my post as I'm trying to up my mileage. Fortunately I still love running more than I hate sneezing :)

I'm wondering too if it has to do with humidity?  I ran a 10K race last weekend and it was dry.  I pushed hard during the race and had a few sniffles, but that was it.  I'm running another 10K race tomorrow and it's supposed to be foggy and cooler.  If my nose starts running, then that might be the key...  Long mileage and humidity.  Maybe...

Did my first 5k park run today and pushed a bit for me (33:32) no sneezing as yet.....
I think there may be a correlation between heart rate and body temp and air temp, as I ran 5mins and walked 2mins which gave me a chance to cool down a bit between runs so I wasn't so hot (and dry mouthed)at the end.
I will monitor what happens with each run and the conditions and see if there is any pattern.
Good luck tomorrow and have fun :)

I think I finally, partially pinned this down for myself.  Definitely higher humidity environment, coupled with a long run.  Allergens/pollution particles in the air seem to contribute to it.  For the run last weekend, I noticed that while I wasn't sneezing or had a runny nose afterwards, I definitely had a major case of the postnasal drip.  My next set of races aren't until the end of the month, so I'll get a better gauge then since those will be half marathons.



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