I am a beginner runner and obstacle racer. I purchased this book (cool impossible) to help me build a good base of running. This week I finished phase 1 and did the one mile test and the 20min test to see my improvement and make adjustment before moving on to phase 2.

Here's my result :

In the 1mile test run I lowered my time from 36sec, I think I could have done a bit better because I made the error of starting too fast for the first 400m wich probably impact the rest of my running speed.

for the 20min test run, the first time I did it, I completed 2,47miles and this week I did 2,75 miles.

My average heart rate was 180 the first time and this week it was 172.. Is it normal that my average hr was lower ??

I have a to say that for 2 week, my watch, at some point during my runs, was reading false hr (lower than what I was actually doing, sometimes a lot more lower).

Right now I am looking at my 20min run test graphic and I see that during the first 3min, my hr is between 161 and 165, than for 30sec it drop to 152-156 and at about 4min16, it gradually go up until it reach 181 at 7min37, stay in that range for 3min and then drop to 162 for 3min and then stay between 180-186 for the end of my test.


I guess I will have to test it again tomorow.?

I am using a fore runner 220 from garmin, when it started to give me lower reading during my training, I was unclipping the hear rate monitor in the middle of the belt and putting it back on. Or I was putting more water on the strap. Sometimes it worked right away to get good hr reading, and sometimes I had to wait a couple minutes and It was giving me good reading again.

Have you ever had this kind of problem ?

Awesome book by the way !!

sorry for my english, I am french from Qc.

thank you

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Congratulations on the improvement 36 sec is amazing improvement. As to your Garman & possible false HR reading, yes it can happen. If the chest strap is not picking up the signal (your HR) properly you will get a lower reading. Then as you sweat the connection improves & so you HR resding returns to the correct reading.
Make sure the strap is snug & doesn't move around. Wipe it down with clean water & dry after use & then if the problem continues, check the battery.
There are also jells around that may increase the connection & therefore the signal. Good luck & again, CONGRATULATIONS, WELL DONE.
Awesome reaults! Sounds like hr monitor may be a connectivity issue, but wouldn't recommend repeating the test right away. If you gave a good test effort, you'll be a little fatigued and your next test will be negatively affected And a poor test of where you really are. Your HR may be a little lower despite faster paces due to increased fitness, but fatigue can also low er HR as well. I'd say, stick with your test data for now And see how it pans out with your next phase of training...or at least wait a week to retest.


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