OK Team, lets' do this!
So we are able to have a running tally of miles, simply add your daily miles to the total miles of the LAST Forum entry and then enter this total into YOUR entry. For example, if the last entry was 346 miles and you ran 4 miles, enter 350. Round your daily miles to the nearest mile so we can keep it clean and simple, so it is easy to follow. And, so I do not have to do any math.

PLEASE REREAD THESE INSTRUCTIONS SO YOU ARE CLEAR ON HOW TO ENTIRE MILES. Whenever you are entering miles, you are entire the TEAM TOTAL, not your daily miles.


Once you have entered the total miles, if you care to leave a SHORT message to Dustin, please do so. I think he would really enjoy reading a quick post about what you thought about on YOUR run and how his journey might have inspired your run for the day.

Thanks for participating - E

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70 miles
86 miles
96 miles.
98 Miles - Inspiring, way to go Dustin
102 miles. A couple of "barefoot runs" to warm up for the week.
115 miles, city and park trails around Minneapolis. Just read your first blog post Dustin, what a awesome idea, enjoy!
128 - I had my first run with my husband who told me last week "I have a confession...I started running this week and even bought shorts and running shoes". A convert after all these years. Dustin - I am sure your run will inspire many and even convert a few!
135-Sending you lots of non blister vibes Dustin. Way to go.
140- 5 miles of FiveFinger trail fun. Go Dustin!
141 miles total
145 a litle monday 5 miles because I'm plannig to PR on wednesday! go dustin you are born to run so keep running AND enjoy it! I wish I could be out there with you but I think I'll have to find my own good cause mojo run!!!
165 - 20 miles to finish week 14 of the 100 mile plan. Go DUSTIN!!!


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