Hi, I'm looking for some suggestions on training & age. I'm 48. I've been using the glute/leg & core strength exercises & have been through foundation program once but I think I over trained. Ended up with knots in my calves that took along time to sort out.
Is there any truth to the slow down with age theory?

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Hi Murray, I personally love training & since finding Eric, his philosophies & program's I've never looked back. Age, in my opinion, is just a number if you train, sleep, recover & eat correctly the sky's the limit.
If I can pass on one bit of advise it would be patience, it takes time to transition into Eric's running style & into minimalist runners. As Eric says "be like a martial artist and strive for perfection within every element of your running". You, of cause, will never achieve perfection but its all about your journey of discovery. Good luck & keep us posted on your discoveries.
Hi Murray

Eric's stuff is great and you could also check out Joel Friel's book, he is bit of a guru when it comes to aging athletes http://www.amazon.com/Fast-After-50-Race-Strong/dp/1937715264
Thanks Rupert, yeah for me I've been patient ;) I transitioned into zero drop shoes (Merrell Road Gloves) over an 8-10 week period while starting into the strength exercises. I still become aware of core & leg strength "levelling up".
I think I over did the "train to your capacity" advice.
Time to hurry up & wait.
At the moment I'm just chugging along doing 2-3 fat burning runs & a faster run each week then a PB attempt on a 350m set of stairs locally.
Thanks Campbell, I've been tempted to buy Faster after 50 :)


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