Consistently elevated HR at end of a long slow run (2.5 hours on)


I'm in week 6 of phase 1 in the Foundation training program. I've noticed on the last 3 day 6 LSR's that at about 2.5 hours my heart rate will rise to about 160bpm & no matter how much I reduce effort my HR will not come down. If I stop & rest for 2 minutes HR returns to about 130 or 140 but will pop up to 160 within a minute of slow running (6;30 per km)

I've also been experimenting with drinking less water running 2.5 to 2.75 hours taking a drink of about 600ml before the run & 600ml when I get home, but no water while running. It's warming up here in NZ & I'm planning to start drinking small amounts again while running - probably from 1.5 hours. Next LSR is tomorrow.

Is there any other likely reason for this elevated HR at this point? Is it just an expected event that I will train through?

One point of possible relevance, looking back I think I didn't get down to running in zone 2 for the preparation phase. Had't had time to do the tests so it was all guess work. Am I experiencing the result of not doing the prep right?

Grateful for any suggestions :)



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Hi Murray, I have no answers as such but I've learn't that everything affects HR, mindset, hydration, injury, weather, terain, etc. Furthermore all these elements are linked & impact each other.
I personally would not go on a 2.5 hr run without fluid, your hydration while running affects your HR, run performance & recovery. As I understand it, when you drink a large amount at once instead of consistently over an extended time it can pass through your system straight to your bladder & not rehydrate you. If you are not drinking while on your long runs this could be the reason for your elevated HR. Hope I've helped.

Thanks Robert,

I took water & sipped from about 1.5 hours into what ended up as a 3 hour run. Didn't run into the HR elevation issue, so I'm assuming that the hydration was the cause ;)

Now I just have to toughen up the feet! 3 hours on pavement left them pretty uncomfortable :0


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