I started the strength training this week and I have also adjusted my form to land forefoot. I have been using my trail shoes which are zero drop since October due to an achillies issue. Please tell me that my calves will become pain free after getting used to my new technique! I'm foam roller img, slant and wobble boarding will all this help or am I just doing too much? Thanks in advance!

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So you've had the calf pain since the start of the strength training?  Or the start of your transition to forefront landing?  If your calves aren't used to being engaged/stretched that much, then they will be sore as you transition to a forefront landing because they're handling a much greater load. There could be a lot of things coming into play here though, like doing too much or too long of a stride.

Just since I transitioned to forefoot. That was also the start of my strength training.

It's probably ... just the muscles waking up.  If i becomes more painful, definitely back off on the transition.  Did the calf pain start about 24-48 hours after your first session running forefoot?

Calves take a while to adjust. Would suggest doing alternate runs swapping between new shoes and old shoes til your calves adjust

This is what I plan on doing when my Atrlas arrive. I have been doing the slant and wobble work as well as foot exercises I found on a barefoot running site for a week or two in preparation. I also did a little barefoot running before the temps dropped again.

Thank you!

An update:

I just ran 8 miles in my new ALtras yesterday. The run felt great. I was able to use the forefoot strike much more efficiently than I had been able to in my Asics Gel Light 33s. My calves are more sore than usual today, and my achillies are a bit tight . So, even though I went through the TCI program last year, including the form and strength training, I still experienced some new soreness when switching to a more minimalist shoe. I expect the same when I start barefooting and using Vibrams during some of my runs later this year. Just thought I would reiterate how this is normal and part of the process. I will be using my Asics for my long run today and will continue to alternate for at least a few more weeks.

Altars are great shoes! Been running in those since the first version of the Instinct and the Lone Peak. I use them for longer mileage runs and use my B2Rs for shorter runs.

You'll definitely feel more soreness when you transition to the VFFs.  Just transition to those very slowly in order to avoided the dreaded top of the foot pain, which a lot of runners have gotten from transitioning too quickly.

Will do. Thanks for the advice, Jay!


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