I saw the YouTube video on cadence.  My cadence on easy runs is around 165.  When I run faster it’s 175-180.  If I try to run 175-180 for easy runs, then my heart rate goes too high.  Am I OK at these levels?  Or is there some strategy to get easy runs at a higher cadence?



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Hi, from my experience I have had to reduce my stride length to get the right cadence. Now i run easy runs at 180 and when i run fast I got to about 200.

Does your speed change much when you increase your cadence? 

Hi Ben,

i did a workout today and just focused on my cadence on a very technical course at 10,000 feet where I have a 10k race this weekend.  Increased my cadence above 170 from 164.  But heart rate was 145 instead of mid 130’s.  Felt strong and did not fatigue but increased cadence does raise my heart rate.  Was much better for speed and control on technical terrain to have high cadence.  I can get to 180-185.  Not 200 like you.



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