I have received my kit in the mail and started my round of exercises.

The one thing I am curious to know is what is the correct foot placement on the board?

1)Second toe in the middle of the board, big toe over the edge of the board?

2)Second toe in the middle of the board, big toe on the edge of the board?

3)Second toe in the middle of the board, big toe on the edge of the circle?

My impression is that my forefoot is at its most stable with my big toe on the edge of the board but I want to make this is correct.

I have three pictures to illustrate what I mean. I hope this makes sense.

Thank you.


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My apologies for such big pictures....I'll be more careful next time.

Hey Chris - first off, be sure to always do these exercises barefoot, even without socks will create a much better feel.  This is super important and that thin layer of sock makes a difference.

For positioning, position your forefoot or the ball of your foot in the center of the circle, so you are able to toggle and balance on the wobble piece well and not have the board tip too much in on angle.

So based on the picture above, it looks like you need to move your foot forward a little to accomplish this.

Note the center of the circle hits this part of my foot.

Got it.

The "ball of your foot in the center of the circle" makes actually more natural, balance-wise but boy, it works the whole leg. I can feel it. Phew!

Now that I put the  ball of your foot in the center of the circle, I feel like I need to  use my big toe much more to control my balance and the wobble of the board.

It does not come off the board but I use it with varying amount of pressure.

Is it correct?

YES, this is what we want, to get stabilization first with the big toe.  As you get better, your toes will grip and be used more in balancing - but at first you might notice your toes wanting to curl up and not be used.  This is the training effect.

Good Lord! look at those tree climbing toes!


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