Hello, everyone,

It's been a while. Some of you asked me to keep you posted on the BQ race I announced here months ago.

It was yesterday. I did it! As a 46-year-old man, I needed to run 3:25:00. I did 3:23:25. The location was Santa Rosa, CA.

This was a 25-minute improvement on my only previous marathon, in Carlsbad, CA, 19 months ago.

Since that marathon in late January, 2013, I did some scattershot training through spring and summer. Then, in Sept. 2013 I began Eric's program. I completed Phase I and Phase II, and set a new PR in a half marathon in Huntington Beach, CA, in early Feb. 2014. After some rest I redid Phase I.

After that I switched my approach. I read Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas. The science seems to agree 100% with Eric, and since theirs is a marathon-specific approach, I went with their 12-week plan.

So, all I did was do what Eric says, and then what Pete and Scott said. That's it.

I have no question that having done Phase I twice laid a crucial endurance foundation that the Pfitzinger/Scott plan was able to leverage into a BQ. So: THANK YOU, Eric!!!

Can't wait for Boston...

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Nice one!!!
Congratulations Jason, well done you should be very proud of yourself. Any program is just words until the you embrace it & does the work. Keep us posted.

Congrats! Which weekly mileage plan did you use? 

Thanks, Matt. I used the 12-week plan that maxes out at 55 miles/week. I was able to BQ on the 12-week plan, I'm sure, because of the foundation I'd laid w/ Phase I or Eric's Strategic Running Foundation.

Thanks Jason! Hitting a BQ is also one of my Cool Impossibles and hearing your experience helps me in figuring out my plans after I finish the Strategic Running Foundation. I have a ways to go. Only in Phase 1 Week 9 but amazed at how much stronger and faster I feel.
This is soooooo AWESOME!! Congrats! I got to finish Boston Marathon 2013, I rolled through at 3:23, so that time rang a bell. Best wishes speedy!

Thank you, Lori! I'll see if I can sneak in at maybe 3:22...LOL...

Dare ya!!


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