I am wondering, when is the best time to run during the day? (if there is one)


This being the time that will most benefit the body and that will produce the best performance. I typically run around dusk (7:30 or 8:00pm where I live) and this is after an 8 hour work day and typically an hour of lifting weights (which is probably not good, I know).


My story in a nutshell is that I enjoy running, read Born To Run, and am now inspired to learn everything I can about running and become better at it.


Therefore, any and all help is appreciated.


Thank you,



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hey Ryan - thanks for the post and question.  This is mostly preference and dictated by "life's" schedule.  I would say from a performance standpoint, you are best to run earlier in the day say you are fresh and not as tired from a days work.  make sure you are fueling well late in the day so your reserves are full and you might want to play around with doing your strength training before easy runs and after faster runs.

Also try running early in the morning and see how you like it.  This might allow you to get in better sessions of running and strength separated from each other.  But again, play around and everyone is different - find what works best for you.


Thanks Eric, I would love to run before work but I'd need to really discipline myself to get out of bed that early. I don't workout everyday and on those days I tend to run longer/harder. Thanks again for the advice!

Most importantly - keep it fun so you stay consistent.  But there is nothing like an early morning run.  You feel so good afterwards and "set" for the day.



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