I have just started with Eric's training techniques and have done a couple of very short runs focusing on my form. My calves have been very sore after each run - is that normal?



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Hi. That's not unusual if you are changing your running style. It can take a while to adjust. Good luck

thanks rich. I plan on taking it slow but just wanted to make sure I wasn't off track already

Just take it steady and enjoy
I remember the first few months that I was adjusting to a new run style I felt like my calves were literally shredded. It will get better :-)

Yes! looking forward to learning from others experiences! I feel the same way - calves don't seem to be recovering between runs either... hope I haven't replaced my bad form with something other than a better one :-)

I found it took ages to stop getting sore calves after running, but it definitely does stop eventually, thankfully!

For the first few weeks my calves felt like they'd been beaten with a big stick! It's only temporary as your body adjusts.


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