With the days slowly starting to get longer, I'm considering running home from work, which is about seven miles with an ascent of maybe 800ft.  Yeah, this might be my summer cool impossible.  I'd need backpack that could hold my work clothes/shoes, empty lunch containers, water bottles, etc.

I'd definitely need something with a sternum strap to keep the pack from bouncing around.

Any recommendations?  What works / doesn't work for you?  Has anyone actually done this?

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Hi Jay,

I run too and from work in the summer and I use OMM (The original Mountain marathon) back pack. I use a 12 litre  https://www.theomm.com/products/packs/ultra12/

The Ultra 12, Its tight but I can get food and cloths in there I tend to leave Jeans and shoes at work so just a top and underwear and my food. There is provision for 2 bottles and a couple of zip pockets. There's a waist and sternum strap. I run 10-11 miles. There are larger capacity packs but there's a real difference at first running with a back pack.

Hope this helps


Hi Frank,

Thanks for the recommendation!  I'll have to figure out how much volume 12 liters is, plus will have to see if anyone carries that model here in the U.S.

It's amazing that you do 10-11 miles with the pack! I only plan on running one way at the moment, from work to home at the end of the day, so it's 7 miles for me.


Hi Jay,

No problem, I was recommended this make by the lad who is my Physio, He uses a 20Lt one on the bike, I'm sure you can get them US side.  

It takes a bit of getting used to running with a back pack and it does effect your time,pace and your energy level so build up to it.


Great advice, Frank, thanks!  Looks like Amazon.com might be selling them here in the U.S.


Great .. I hope it works out for you,

Most important point have fun enjoy running  

Hi Jay
When away from home working I often run from the work site to the motel. Depending on distance if I just run back I'll drive in take my gear, my colleague will drive my gear back & I'll run with just fluid. If I run the return journey I use a 3 Litre Camelpac, that again depending on what I'm doing I'll take the bladder out of. I like the versatility of the Camelpac & again it has plenty of pockets, hooks & straps to carry your gear. Good luck & enjoy the running.


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