First run today wearing my b2r road shoes. All I can say is: where have you been all my life? They fit well right out of the box. Though I've been wearing shoes with a minimal drop 4mm), the difference was perceptible and appreciated.

Great shoes! Looking forward to more miles in them.

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Hello Timothy,

Sound fantastic, like you I have been running in "Zero drop" shoes for over a year, I'm very interested in the B2R road shoe, can I ask how did you find sizing ?. For me I'm a UK size 7 shoes so European 41, and according to the charts a US size 8.5. My current shoes are an 8 so a 42 or a 9. How did you get on getting the right size?

Best regards


I'm a US size 11 and ordered the same. Like I said above they were a perfect fit. I'm not sure if there are any differences with euro sizing.

Hi Tim

Thank you much appreciated,


As the others have said great fitting shoe, I just ordered my regular size & they were a perfect fit.

I am very interested in running in these shoes, but am concerned about socks. Does anyone have a recommendation for split toe socks, besides the pairs that are included? Also, does anybody go sockless?

Thanks for the help!


Hi Ryan, Nike make toe socks that fit your toes like a glove fits your fingers. And yes Ive run in my B2R trail shoes sock less as a substitute for barefoot running when a suitable surface isn't available. The longest Ive done this is around 30 min. Hope this helps.

Hello there,

I wonder if someone could help me decide which size shoe I should order. I am a UK size 8.5 (European size 43.5 and US 9.5)

The B2R Europe sizes are shown as US sizes so should I order a US 9.5? There is a note which says

"***Sizes listed are US. Please consider half a size larger than your equivalent EUR size"

I am a little confused, does this mean I should order a size 10 ?

Kind regards and thanks in advance,


Zaja in my experience the B2R sizing is very true to described. I'm a European size 8, I ordered that size & they fit perfectly. From what I can gather from others very few people, if any have issues with sizing. Hope I've helped.

Hi Robert,

That's great, thank you. Did you order a US size 9 ?


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