I am looking to get a pair of B2R Shoes for my road running. Most of my previous running shoes needed to be replaced after 400 to 500 miles or so. How do these shoes tend to hold up? Do they last as long as "traditional running shoes?" Do the shoes tend to have better life once someone learns to run with better form? (I am still trying to get my form right.)

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  By my best estimate since I don't log mileage I have 4 - 500 miles on my B2R trail shoes.  This is split about 60% trail and the rest on roads of various rough surfaces If these pictures come through you'll see only a slight amount of wear on the outer edge of the left shoe in the forefoot area.  Sorry for the size I'm not very computer savvy. 

Thank you Bill, great to see that you were able to get so much use. I am still relatively new to this running style so I am sure I run "heavier" but I am still quite pleased with the shoe performance. Hopefully others with a similar question will see that the B2R shoes can last quite a while.
In terms of your tech savvy, you are clearly better than I. I could not seem to get my pictures to show in the post and had to put them in as attachments. Your's came through great on the post. How did you do that? I tried copy/paste on an early post but that did not seem to work for me.

  The second Icon from the left is what I used

Well... I think any concerns about shoe durability could be laid to rest. I should be hitting the 1000 mile mark at the end of this month. I only had the insole in for the first 100 miles or so and then went the rest of miles without.
It was funny before my marathon last month. I was chatting with a few guys beforehand and the subject of shoes came up. One guy said how he just had to buy new shoes because he forgot his. The other guy said he was around 100 miles on his. I told them I was around 800 miles in mine and they were amazed; they said they were changing their shoes every 300-400 miles.
I don't know if it is a change in running form, the construction of the shoe or a combination of both but the B2R shoes can definitely last!


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