Been committed to B2R Level 1-2 training since November. I've become rather proficient at those levels, love the exercises, can feel the difference and I'm very happy with the results. Worked in Level 3 for the first time this morning, at the time thinking that wasn't so bad...just need to get use to the new movements. Six hours later...I'm here to tell you...I'm feeling it!!!  Looking forward to the continued athletic improvement!!!

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So awesome!!!  How do you like those can openers!!??

How has the entire system made you feel and what changes do you experience in how your body feels?

I like the can openers.  I did 12 each side before I could feel my form going south.  Looking forward to practicing that movement.  I'm sure I'll improve quickly.

The really difficult moves for me were the disk fitball lunge and the supine bridge side to side lift (holy cow).  Those are going to take some time.  On the lunge, I had the ball trapped in a corner, but it still kept getting away from me.

Overall, the system has made me feel totally retooled (from head to toe).  I've not been running since Nov.  Took an unplanned lap around the local high school track with my boys last weekend.  I felt more powerful with freer movement.  Can't wait for my running season to start up!!!

My biggest changes are in my feet (of course), hamstrings, butt, core.  I think my feet are more like hands now.  They feel strong and coordinated.  All the supine work has really strengthened my hamstrings and butt.  Though my biggest change has been my core.  I've got muscles emerging I didn't know I had.  I've heard a statement made about the importance of core in running.  'You can't shoot a cannon from a canoe.'  I used to be a canoe.  After doing the system 3 days a week for 3 months, I'm not a canoe anyone (thanks to B2R).  So, overall I feel more powerful head to toe.

Keep practicing the Disk lunge, as the fit ball movement is letting you know what your HIPS are doing. This will eventually create great great hip/glute stabilization on top of the work you have already mastered.

You should send in a video showing how long you can balance on the slant board, no poles!!

Thanks for your great dedication to the strength system and process.


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