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I have slow HR (It rarely exceeds 160 BPM) so my average HR is below minimum value in 20 mn test tables (about 147 BPM) . Am I too lazy or do I need more lines in 20 mn test tables ? :)

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Hi Fabrice - Everyone's HR is different and I think we can come up with a plan.

  • On a effort scale of 1 - 10 (ten being very hard), how would you rate this test from an effort stand point?
  • Do you know approx how much distance you covered in this 20 minutes?
  • Do you have data from your one mile test yet?

Let me know this and I will help you with training zones.

Thanks for your Answer Eric :)

  • I would rate my effort scale at 9. Maybe I could have run a little bit faster but without being sure to finish the 20 minutes
  • I covered 2.4 miles in this 20 minutes and with an average HR of 147
  • 1 mile test : 7’9’’  ; average HR : 147 ; max HR : 157

In three weeks, I will achieve the first phase, I will do the tests again ; this time I will try to run in stadium and datas should be more accurate.

OK, this looks good and consistent. And, your speed meshes great between the two tests.

Lets use these zones below.  BUT quick question, do you use a chest strap or rely on a wrist monitoring HR?

HR Zone 1: 0-113

Zone 2: 114-124

Zone 3: 125-129

Zone 4: 130-133

Zone 5: 134-138

Zone 6: 139-142

Zone 7: 143-147

Zone 8: 148-157

I use a chest trap. Thank a lot for theses zones I will use during my eighth week of training :) 


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