I am just asking for some advice from fellow runners. So ill start my story (and the beginning of my injury problems) 1.5 years ago. I tore my meniscus my senior season of High School. I pushed myself too much. I was running in shoes with a 4mm drop (kinvaras) but with an insert because of feet pain from years before.

After i healed up my knee, I returned to running with the same shoes and I kept having knee pain. After 6 months of running on and off i had enough. I went to more barefoot shoes. My knee has felt amazing. There is no way I could go back to my old shoes.

However, I am now having feet pain again (like i did 3 years ago, when i had to start wearing inserts). I tried to tough it out and got back up too 4 mile long runs. My feet pain got worse, so i had to get a bone scan. My Dr. said i didnt have a stress fracture so he told me to go by feel. It has been 3 months since then without running and i still have mild pain while running. My Dr. said i could go the inserts route (but i cant because of my knee) or try to strengthen my feet more. (i have been doing slant board workouts for 6 weeks). I'm still unable to run without pain. Any advice would be appreciated?

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Hi Jill - this can typically mean you are not getting good foot/arch engagement, with can create ankle instability - and therefore, place undue stress in this area of the leg.

To understand what i mean by foot/arch engagement, simply try balancing barefoot of one foot for 1-2 min.  Then try balancing on your forefoot only.

My foot strength program is aimed at this, which attacks foot strength first and then dictates how we use and activate our legs muscles properly up to the glutes.

Hope this helps - E

Great.  Now BAREFOOT, I want you to run in place.  Start easy and building to what would be a rather fast pace, with knees in front of you.  Do this several times for 30-40 seconds and let me know if you feel any pain - what you experience.

I had a little pain while landing (a little less then while real running). I did notice that after I went faster it started to hurt on push off (which does not happen when I pushoff when running normal)

Ok, now try the same thing, but do not push off, just allow your ankle to be relaxed and neutral and let your LEGS do the running, not your ankles.  

big difference! only very mild pain

Ok, getting somewhere now.  Play around with this relaxed ankle tonight.  Then tomorrow, in your shoes, go for a very easy run ONLY breathing thru your nose.  Focus on this relaxed ankle and knee drive - running with your legs.  If you can't breath thru your nose, slow down or stop and walk until you can run again only breathing thru nose.

I went for a run and I noticed that it felt better. I still had some very mild pain but felt better as long as focused on knee drive and tips. However, when I was on a slope (on either side of the road) I had a lot more pain.. btw, when I get up in the morning my first 20 steps or so my foot always hurts a good bit.

I would keep working on this, slowing down to achieve what we discussed.  The pain will need some time to calm down.  So focus running less, but with better form right now.

I would also check with a PT or Doc just to be sure you do not have a cuboid problem that might require specific exercises.


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