I am just asking for some advice from fellow runners. So ill start my story (and the beginning of my injury problems) 1.5 years ago. I tore my meniscus my senior season of High School. I pushed myself too much. I was running in shoes with a 4mm drop (kinvaras) but with an insert because of feet pain from years before.

After i healed up my knee, I returned to running with the same shoes and I kept having knee pain. After 6 months of running on and off i had enough. I went to more barefoot shoes. My knee has felt amazing. There is no way I could go back to my old shoes.

However, I am now having feet pain again (like i did 3 years ago, when i had to start wearing inserts). I tried to tough it out and got back up too 4 mile long runs. My feet pain got worse, so i had to get a bone scan. My Dr. said i didnt have a stress fracture so he told me to go by feel. It has been 3 months since then without running and i still have mild pain while running. My Dr. said i could go the inserts route (but i cant because of my knee) or try to strengthen my feet more. (i have been doing slant board workouts for 6 weeks). I'm still unable to run without pain. Any advice would be appreciated?

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Include a picture pointing to where your pain is.
Does it hurt to do the slant board? One angle hurt more than other?
Downhill position hurts only if I have pressure on my right side of my footfoot (under my smaller toes). When I walk my foot hurts if I push off on the outside of my foot. Also, when I run, pain is only mild when I try to land with my inside footfoot(under big toes). It hurts moderately if I land toward the middle/outside of my forefoot (toward under small toes), which is what my body wants to do.

could potentially be your cuboid - hard to tell.  Does the pain feel more like a bone or muscle pain?

How much time did you take off completely from running?

It doesn't really feel like its the bone, but i could be wrong. I don't fell it like, at the top of my foot (on metatarsal), nor on the bottom of my foot. It fell like its in the middle, if that helps.

To start with,(after having pain for a month) i took 2 weeks off while icing my foot 20 mins 2 times a day and taking prescription dose of anti-inflammatories. Tried running for 1 week(only did up to 1 mile). Then went to doctor. Then took over 2 months off of running. Then I have been running on and off for a couple of months(at most 2 mile runs).

Massage this part of your leg AND your arch with your thumbs and see if it is very tender (muscle).

it's not tender

Ok, good. Is it tender to push where it hurts when running?  How long of a break have you taken from running?

and just to confirm, your arch doesn't hurt either when massaging?

It's not tender where it hurts. Not tender on arch either. I haven't ran at all in around 3-4 weeks. And over the past 5 months I have only ran less than 20 miles. Went as long as 2 plus months of no running.

Ok, work with me here - now check your calves.  massage your calf really well with your fingers and see if there is a spot that is super tender, almost like a knot/ball in the muscle.

ok, they feel fine. I didn't feel any knots or tenderness 

Eric, if this area is tender, what does that indicate?


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