I've had my Garmin since Feb. I have only recently been playing around with analyzing my data on Garmin Connect. I did my 1 mile test and 20 minute test last week. The data shows that my pace fluctuates a lot during these tests. For example, I ran an average pace of 8:25 during my 1 mile test, but the data shows I ran anywhere between 7:00 and 9:48!! The spikes and dips were very short lived, but I'm concerned about how variable my pacing is. (If you can even call that a "pace", since I'm all over the place!) I'm not a fast runner, so I was definitely out of my comfort zone. Maybe it'll improve with time? Anyone want to weigh in?

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getting pacing smooth is tricky, especially during training when you have to contend with avoiding other runners, stray dogs, and crossing roads. My race day pacing tends to be smoother, especially if you can get in the groove or zone. Having said that i do get some odd spikes with my garmin

Yes pace will jump around a bit, but as you gain more and more experience running by pace you will begin to know what certain pacing feel like.  This will then help you to be more steady with less spiking of speed.

And as you get more fit, this will also help stabilize your effort.  So, all normal at first.

Thanks, Rich and Eric. I guess what concerned me the most was that I didn't feel like my pace was fluctuating that much. I was going for steady effort. I definitely don't have much experience with what a 7:00 min mile feels like, although I'm extremely pumped that I saw that pace (however briefly) on MY data!!! 

yeah i get the odd very fast pace from time to time, makes you feel good! are you on garmin connect? if so im motormoby on there if you want to share run data

Thanks, Rich. I think I've sent the request... I'm not the best with technology! Let me know. Thanks!

request recieved and accepted :-)


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