Last year in March I damaged my Achillies. It was pretty bad, I found it hard to walk up and down stairs and someday a walking was problematic. I sort my time in "pity part" mode, by August I still wasn't running regularly and had a Spartan Trifecta booked. So I went back to the docs and really went for it. Fed up of being told, rest and ibuprofen, I demanded a specialists appointment. This would take weeks (6 or more) I didn't have that amount of time and I was fed up of not running and gaining weight! Years before I had seen Chris McDougalls talk on TED about born2run, and went back to it, I am also lucky to work at a college so got his book from there. I changed my trainers opting to wear my trail shoes for road running and kept an upright position when I ran. I saw an immediate difference. In October I got a place in the London Marathon (in April) so I found a programme which went from couch to marathon (first long run 3 miles) and just kept putting one foot in front of the other. I've just finished Eric's "Cool Impossible" and ordered the boards (already have the ball and poles) and started to do the drills shown on you tube to start with. Yesterday I knocked 33 secs off my run time! Calves are killing me today but I guess it's working! My ankle jips only a little from time to time telling me my form is off. What I wanted to say is thanks to Chris and Eric my ankle is now back to nearly pre injury and I will run the marathon, goodness knows if I would even have got this far without you both! Thank you so much! For those in the same position as I was stick with it, the methods really work!

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I too am running the London Marathon this year!

My achilles has been tender for the last week or two. When I did my long run on Saturday I noticed it was fine when running more upright (better form) and nagged me when I started to lean forwards - just like your experience. You wouldn't believe it unless you'd experienced it!



The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton

The Cool Impossible: Run Beyond Limits

“this is by far one of the best training books of the past decade.” - Competitor Magazine

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