Achilles Tendonitis and born 2 run strength training


I've had achilles tendonitis for about 2 months now. I got it by running in flat shoes for about 5 weeks. I was doing well, then did a 10k and that it was it. I'm actually a lot better after resting without any running these last 2 months. But it's still sore. I've since bought the level 1 strength training dvd/package from the born 2 run website and was wondering. Will this help me get better or should I avoid doing these exercises and continue to rest?


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No one has replied since July?  I've done the exercises with the wooden incline, and it will definitely help strengthen your feet, ankles and make them stronger.  I think it would first benefit you to recover fully from the tendonitis, then work into the strength training slowly.  The swiss ball stuff is excellent, but the wooden balance board is probably going to help you the most.  Most of all, don't forget to stretch your achilles and calves out after runs...and you have to work into running with minimal shoes by doing a lot of foot, ankle, lower leg strengthening.  If you think about it, with regular running shoes, your heels are raised quite a bit, and when you take that away, you are going to really work the achilles tendon, and if you figure how many times your feet hit during a 10k, if you hadn't built up, you were overdoing it a bit.  Let us know how you have been doing.  Best, John

Hi There, I have been battling with Achilles tendonitis for about five years.  I can tell you for sure that if you don't take care of it, and rest it, it will only get worse and worse and worse.  I ignored it for too long and just kept running, and was determined to run a couple of marathons and a couple of half marathons during the past five years that only exacerbated the condition.  I can tell you that I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun for my tendonitis, from ultrasound, to PT, to taping, to rolfing, to massage, you name it, I've tried it. 

Here is what I can tell has helped me the most. 


1.  Going from my Saucony running shoes to minimal shoes, Nike Free, now I have 8 pairs, and the best are the 3.0, as they have the least rubber on the bottom.

2.  The next thing that has helped has been doing eccentric heel raises, but you have to do it faithfully.  You can google all over the internet about doing these heel raise.

3.  Next, what has helped me tremendously, most recently, is doing Eric's exercises on the wobble board with the ski poles.  I have been doing the routine in the book, 3 to 5 times a week for the past 6 weeks, and there has been "dramatic" improvement in my Achilles.  The routine I am doing is the slant/wobble board in all three positions on both feet, and then I do the leg raises on both sides.  What I feel is I have more "spring" and less pain, especially in the morning upon taking my first steps. 

I have also been able to hike and/or run, for up two hours, and have about 1/4 of the pain that I used to have. 

I am going to continue with the exercises, working up to doing them WITHOUT the poles as the book says. 

Oh and another thing I think helps A LOT is to get a Pro-Stretch calf rocker.  Stretching the CALF is what is the most important thing you can do for your Achilles!

If you want to ask me any questions about other things I've tried and if they helped or not, I would be happy to answer. 



I'm two weeks into the strength traing (only slant board, have not advanced to the wobble board yet), doing the foot excercises twice a week and the fitball excercises twice a week (that makes 4 days strength training). I too have had a history of achilles problems. I can already tell that the foot excercises are making a difference. I hope I will (and I'm confident that I will) have less problems with my achilles in the future. I will tell you after the next 6 months or so. :) Keep on working that strength!

I had mild achilles pain. I stretched my hip flexors and it went away. Yours is more severe, but it's worth a try.


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