Hi all,

How are you?

I'm two month in the forefoot running transitions, and I'm following the cool impossible five months training.

So far, I'm at week four.

I have started to starting the transition about one month before starting the training.

The first month my calf's were on fire but then got better and are ok now. But my right leg Achilles tendon has been quite uncomfortable since then. My left leg one is totally ok.

My right leg Achilles tendon is not really painful; It'especially table, especially when I sit down for a while, when I stand up it hurts a little bit. Same thing when I start running, the first few minutes it hurts a little bit then the discomfort disappear for the rest of the run.

I have to say that I haven't done any specific strength exercise for my legs. I think my form is quite good during running, at low speed as well.

Could it be a balance problem?

I have noticed that, when my tight foot jit the ground, it is a bit twisted to the outside, while my left foot hit straightforward.

Could that be the issue? Die anyone had a similar experience?

I have just ordered the slant board kit. I hope that working on my balance and foot strength will make my achilles tendon better.

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After a few months using the slant board, I can say that things got better. My right leg Achilles tendon is not painful anymore :) I can't say it is just because of the slant board exercises, but I can say that my balance improved, so my running form and probably that helped my legs to run more efficiently.  

Happy running :)


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