Tonight I set a goal of running for an hour in the humidity & I also decided to leave a little later so as to be running in the Pink, Purple & Gold of Dusk. I left our room camelbak half filled with ice & topped out with water about 6.15pm knowing I had approximately 15 minutes before the sun was low enough to have little affect.
This time after the 5 minute run from room to beach I ran North the opposite way to my usual way. Running this way I would encounter the returning camels with their cargo of tourists & the odd 4 wheel drive, but more of that later. The North & South of Cable Beach is divided near the Cable Beach Resort by a small boulder field of large flat topped rocks, and smaller rocks imbedded in the sand. Over time immemorial the sea and the sand has worn great rocks to giant billiard tables with troughs cut through them by the receding tides that drain the seawater back from whence it came.
Running & jumping over these rocks for a second I was dreaming I was in Jackson Hole, running some bolder field. LOL Before I knew it I'd been out for 20 min and the beautiful hugh of sunset was all around me. To the east lightning lit up the sky with no thunder even though not dark. I knew that up here in the tropics the sun sets fast but boy does it set fast. Within another 10 minutes it was almost dark and as I could see the coming headlights of 4 X 4's drag racing on the beach & the fact I'd forgotten to take my head to touch I thought it was best I turned around.
Drinking regularly I was drenched in sweat, it dripped from my armss and forehead stinging my eyes as I'd taken my hat off because it increased the cooling effect of my sweating. The beach was wide being some 300-400 meters as it was low tide so I hugged the water line as the racing 4 X 4's where tearing up the beach behind me causing me to feel a little exposed. There was to odd car parked with its inhabitence sitting eating or having a drink watching the light show in the thick tropical air. As I approached this particular car in the almost dark about 75 meters from the vehicle a large dog came charging at me barking and growling while it's owners screamed at it to come back to no effect. Now I know a little about dogs, so I kept running giving it no eye contact or attention as it now circled me. It came up behind me several times Nipping at my heals but by now I had some speed up with out panicking and finally he gave up.
It never fails to amaze me how people have dogs and can't control them, it's wrong & it's dangerous.
Back to the running;By now I had been running for just under 40 minutes the sweat was still pouring, I was still drinking & trying to find my bearings by lightning flashes. Now with the adrenalin still coursing through my veins from the dog I now realised how fatigued I was getting as I ran in the soft wet sand. I arrived back at my boulder field, and again LOL, having been out for 53 minutes. I walked back over the rocks as it was hard to see given there was no moon to speak of and the lightning had subdued some what. From there it was a 10 minute run back up to the road, along the grassed area in front of the resort back to the gate near our room. The upshot is that I had a great run, could have been better without the dog though, and my run had lasted 68 minutes. My legs feel good given they were a little stiff before I went out, amazing what a little adrenalin will do.

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nice adventure! Sounds beautiful


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