I have decided to do a 5K this weekend. It's nothing serious, but it is for my daughter's school. I am in week 4 of Phase I of TCI, which appears to be a "rest" week. Should I repeat the week after my 5K, or should I just keep my weekly mileage low, avoid doing any additional speed work, and reduce my long run to a recovery run the day after the race before proceeding to week 5? How have others managed races during the training plan. What has worked well for you, and what hasn't?  Eric, what are your thoughts on racing during the TCI plan?



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Hey Patrick - I would keep your week 4 the same and just add your race to the weekend.  This is perfect and you can go in rested.  And you should be OK jumping right into week 5 after the race - but see how you feel, as you might drop one of the more quality runs if you are sore.

Racing during the program should also reflect your ultimate goals and prioritize any early races as low so you can train thru them.

Great advice as always, Eric. The way I schedule my weeks will allow me an easy run the day after, then a day off before my next scheduled workout comes around, so perhaps any lingering soreness will be diminished by that point.


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